FAQs About Psoriasis

FAQs About Psoriasis

Treating Psoriasis Successfully

Atlanta Center for Dermatologic Diseases is a leading dermatology practice. Eight board-certified and licensed dermatological doctors head up this practice out of four locations for patients residing in Sandy Springs, Roswell, Alpharetta & Cumming, GA.

While our esteemed and skilled doctors treat an array of skin diseases, one that they often see is psoriasis. Read on to find out about this skin disorder.

What is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is common. People who do not know about this disease expect it to be contagious. Thus, that person avoids anyone suffering from this disorder. We frequently see the same family members with this disease. So, genetics does seem to play a role.

When skin cells multiply faster than usual, it causes the formation of bumpy red patches with white scales. As a result, psoriasis shows up anywhere on the body. However, the most prominent places for this disease are the lower back, knees, elbows, ears, and scalp. Areas heal up only to return again and again, and, to date, there is no cure.

If you notice symptoms, please call us and make an appointment. We can help you avoid these symptoms of red scaly patches of skin that are painful and itchy. In addition, treatment helps prevent these areas from cracking open, causing bleeding. 

This disease affects the fingernails and toenails. If symptoms worsen, the nails can detach from the nail bed. In addition, this disease can affect your joints, causing pain and swelling, known as psoriatic arthritis. We also know some of the triggers for this disease are cuts, stress, infections, and a whole list of medications. We will review your medical history and prescribed medications.

We Can Treat Symptoms Successfully

Our eight highly skilled dermatological doctors at the Atlanta Center for Dermatologic Diseases, at any of our four office locations in Sandy Springs, Roswell, Alpharetta & Cumming, GA, want to help you eliminate your psoriasis successfully.

Do not continue to avoid life because you have this skin disease. The good news is that science has researched long and hard to discover successful treatments. We can successfully eliminate the signs and symptoms and have a list of many treatment options. Please call us today for a consultation, diagnosis, and treatment plan. Call (404) 252-4333 (Sandy Springs), (770) 751-1133 (Roswell), (770) 664-5225 (Alpharetta), and (770) 844-1902 (Cumming).

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